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Image by Kilyan Sockalingum


Here are some of my favourites theatre and film projects I have directed during the years.

Image by Felix Mooneeram

MAY 2015

APRIL 2020


Rabbit Hole Poster_edited.jpg
Rabbit Hole

Translated and Directed

by: Zailyn Joan Cuevas Villafañe

Becca experiences the traumatic experience of losing her only son Danny because of a car accident. Eight months have passed but Becca still cannot deal with her grief.

All the World's Insta.png
All the World's a Stage

Adapted by and Directed 

by: Zailyn Joan Cuevas Villafañe

 The classic Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet balcony scene was part of the short film called All The World's a Stage, commemorating the closing of the theatres during the 2020 global pandemic. The scene was filmed in Spanish.

The Shrew Poster.png
The Shrew 

Translated and Directed

by: Zailyn Joan Cuevas Villafañe

In this modern gender-swapping version of the acclaimed Shakespeare comedy: The Taming of the Shrew. Kate has no desire to marry and family tradition is playing against him. But when the sparky and energetic Petruchia arrives at the house, the challenge to rein in Kate’s behaviour begins. The question is now: will he be tamed? And will either of them get their happily ever after?

A short film in tribute to Shakespeare
Romeo & Juliet scene
A scene from Shakespeare's comedy
The Taming of the Shrew
by David Lindsay-Abaire
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